In order to help sexually and physically abused children and survivors of sexual assault heal and become whole again, your financial assistance is vital. We depend on private donors, small businesses, and local corporations to help meet our financial goals. Whether you donate financially or provide something from our wish list, your gift will make a difference in the life of a child or adult survivor.

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Missouri “Champion for Children” Tax Credit

By contributing to SEMO-NASV, you will not only help provide vital services for survivors of sexual violence, but you will also have the opportunity to receive a tax credit of up to 50% of your contribution. For more information, contact SEMO-NASV or the Missouri Department of Revenue Tax Bureau at Private and corporate donations of any amount are appreciated.

Host a Fundraiser

If your organization, society or group is hosting an event, why not make it a fundraiser for SEMO-NASV? Proceeds from private, corporate or public events help us provide our programs to help child and adult survivors of violence in your community. Please call us first before the event. Tax deductible cash donations to SEMO-NASV provide much needed funding for the support and expansion of existing programs.   All of the services at SEMO-NASV are provided at no cost to clients.

Wish List

SEMO-NASV has ongoing needs for consumable supplies in our office. Any dollar we can save on supplies allows us more funds to serve our clients. If you would like to help, we are happy to accept donations of the following supplies:

Waiting Room
  For our friends who wait up front, we are seeking these new or gently used items:

  • Children’s books
  • Children’s magazines
  • Small hand-held games
  • Toy cars or trucks
  • Coloring books
  • Games (wooden puzzles or other games that one or two can play)
  • Beanie Babies
Cleaning Supplies
As with any facility that sees many people, we must keep the spread of germs to a minimum. We can use:

  • Clorox Wipes
  • Lysol Spray
  • Windex
  • Paper Towels
Office Supplies
  • Copy Paper
  • DVD-R discs
  • DVD paper sleeves
To add to the comfort of our visitors, we can use:

  • Juice boxes
  • Individually wrapped snacks (chips, cookies, fruit snacks, raisins, etc)
  • Bottled water (small bottles)
  • Boxes of Kleenex